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MBA Gone Rogue: Blending Creativity & Commerce
-Tommy Cottam

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Part of the green
beret of advertising
Master's degree in Branding
from the VCU Brandcenter
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"One part ad agency, one part rogue M.B.A. program, and one part laboratory for experiments in 21st-century branding, the Brandcenter is widely considered the nation's most demanding, progressive, and acclaimed graduate program in advertising."
Ranked the top business/design
program by BusinessWeek magazine

#1 digital media & marketing
program by Ad Age magazine

Adage Magazine
4A's O'Toole Awards
for Creative Excellence

Mark Fenske
"This is not brain surgery. You can learn brain surgery."
—Mark Fenske, associate professor, VCU Brandcenter

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14 Years of Experience



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